1904 Crossbow For Fishing

By Spring Hook / February 13, 2020 /

1904 Crossbow for Fishing

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6 Different Ways To Trap A Fish

By Spring Hook / December 17, 2014 /

The 6 metal, killer fish traps that are the subject of this article are some of the author’s favorites that he has collected over the previous 25 years. Three of these traps are patented, while the other 3 may have and could have been, because of their unique design, but if so, their letters of…

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Fishing Inventions of Yesteryear

By Spring Hook / June 6, 2007 /

A new subject that deals with an historical aspect of fishing in the United States has just come to light. It is contained in a book entitled Spring-Loaded Fishhooks, Traps and Lures. The book deals with the evolution of mechanical fishhooks and metal traps meant to capture and/or kill fish, including one interesting lure, which shot…

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