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Metal Killer Fish Traps...
Gabriel Automatic-Setting Big Fish & Animal Trap
The Gabriel is a long-spring trap with two rotating round jaws and a bait holder made of a fishhook. It was first advertised by the Missouri Sales Company of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1908 and was called the Gabriel Fish and Animal Trap, with advertisements changed later to call it the Gabriel Big Fish and Animal Trap, and was last advertised for sale in the fall of 1918.

The most distinguishable feature of the Gabriel, aside from its shape, is the exquisitely delicate and complex brass and steel self-setting mechanism. When the long spring is compressed
and the two circular jaws rotate 90 degrees, a small brass pin, which acts as the dog on this trap, is automatically sprung into a retaining hole, thus setting the trap. This mechanism was easily broken or worn out and thus, it is rare to find it operational. This is a scarce trap and much more so when complete and self-setting.

From patent text: "my invention...I claim as new...a trap consisting of an outer and an inner jaw, a spring, one end of which forms such pivotal connection...a spring secured to the inner jaw and provided with a lug...and a bait holder supported by the trigger."

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