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Combination Hand-Forged Spring-Loaded Lure & Spearing Decoy
This combination spring-loaded lure and decoy has no equal in either of these two fields of fishing collectibles. It is powered by a flat spring that has a barbed point forged into its one end, and which is set by means of a trigger, or dog, that is located beneath the head of the lure-decoy and into which the hook is latched. When this trigger is compressed, as when bitten by a fish, the hook is released forcibly downward, thus being impaled into the fish's mouth. In this case the fish would have been either a pike or muskie, owning to the shear size of this exquisite piece of American fishing history. An additional aid in securing the fish is a stationary barbed spear point that extends vertically from the top of the lure-decoy's head.

As pertains to its versatility with respect to its use as a spearing decoy, it is the only one known to exist in the hands of collectors that has a spring-loaded hook incorporated into it. This possibly served as an extremely innovative way to ensure that the spear fisherman would not go home empty handed in the event that his expertise with a spear was insufficient of that he had slow reflexes.

This fascinating piece of American ingenuity would be the centerpiece of any collection that pertained to either fish spearing decoys or fishing lures, so it is no wonder that it has been sought after by so many advanced collectors in both of these fields, as it is no wonder that is has not been separated from its collection or from the hands of its collector, author Timothy Mierzwa.

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